Hina MaukaWhether you know it or not, you’re having a profound impact on the teenagers in your life.

Teachers, counselors, older friends or family members: teenagers are watching you closely to learn how to function in the adult world they’ll soon be a part of.

You can play an important role showing them how to live a healthy and happy life free of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.

Take the time to support their interests and talents. Encourage them to participate in clubs, sports and groups that create positive, healthy activities. Acknowledge the stresses of growing up in today’s world. Connect up with other adults who work with teens. Be part of community that cares.

As children grow, they constantly look to the age group ahead of them for role models. Young children look to teenagers, teenagers observe high school kids, who in turn are watching young adults.

Offer them useful information about the effects of drugs and alcohol and how to get help if they need it. Don’t judge them, but do set expectations.


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