A community of support and inspiration.

Hina Mauka alumni are individuals who have completed their recovery program and have “graduated” into new lives, free of addiction.

Our alumni form a community of support and are a valuable resource to us, to one another and to others who are currently in treatment. They share a common bond with Hina Mauka and a desire to enhance their healing experience through activities, fellowship and fun. Hina Mauka alumni stay in touch through our newsletters, at weekly meetings and at other special events.

If you are a Hina Mauka alumni, please consider sharing your story, your encouragement and your support with others who have been or are now on the path to recovery. Together, we are creating a stronger, healthier and happier community.

Alumni Association News

To receive or contribute to Hina Mauka’s Alumni Association News, please email us at [email protected].

Meetings and Events

Hina Mauka alumni meet every Tuesday evening in the dining room at our Kāne‘ohe Facility. Each meeting includes time to ‘talk story’ and features an alumni speaker sharing personal stories of addiction and recovery. We also host special events such as potluck dinners and community outings. For more information about our meetings and events, please email us at [email protected].

Alumni Stories

Personal stories help others. They are testimony to the reality of recovery that is offered at Hina Mauka. If you would you like to be an inspiration to others by sharing your story of recovery, please email us at [email protected].


Hina Mauka alumni volunteers are an integral part of our success in helping clients recover from addiction and live clean and sober lives. Our volunteers provide support and informal counseling, transportation services, office help and community outreach and education. Most importantly, they are a beacon of hope and a true inspiration for those who are seeking help. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities here.


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