Offender Program Track 3

Hina Mauka’s vision for treating the offender population is shared with those of the State of Hawaii Judiciary System. The goal of the Track Three Program is to provide a comprehensive evidence-based, offender oriented continuum of services to adults with alcohol and/or other drug problems, who are ordered or directed by the court to obtain treatment and to assist adult offenders abusing or addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs with the acquisition and demonstration of effective strategies, skills and knowledge which will result in long term abstinence and reduction in re-offending behaviors and attitudes. The objective is to ensure that services are tailored to accommodate the targeted population including a state of the art, evidence based curriculum approved by Hawaii Judiciary System, use well trained staff and programs have a clear distinction between other non-offender programming.

Additionally Hina Mauka offers a Dual Diagnosis track for offenders who have co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. This track offers a specifically designed curriculum with skill building and process groups that focuses on relevant co-occurring disorders issues such as signs and symptoms of decomposition, medication utilization and social living skills. The curriculum incorporates CBT and ME approaches and sensitive to the offenders co-occurring demeanor. The dual diagnose track incorporates our psychiatrist, nursing staff and other qualified personal into the program to ensure proper facilitation and cohesiveness.

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