The truth about drugs and alcohol

Teenagers brains and bodies are still growing. Though they may sometimes seem “all grown up”, they’re still learning how to make smart choices, control their impulses and live a pono, respectful life.

Drugs and alcohol can short circuit that process.

Teens today have access to a wide array of drugs — illegal, prescription, and over the counter. They may be exposed to them by friends, family members, even the internet. And you may be surprised to learn that alcohol is the most commonly abused drug by teenagers today.

Our teenagers need real information about drugs and alcohol, and common sense guidance about how to live healthy and happy lives free of their harmful effects.

As a parent, you need to know the facts about drugs and alcohol. The science of addiction is growing rapidly. We now understand more than ever how drugs and alcohol affect our brains and bodies.

Take a look at the resources we’ve provided.

For family members seeking substance abuse services for their teens in Oahu and Kauai, contact Hina Mauka Teen CARE.

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