Helping yourself

Concerned that drugs or alcohol are becoming a problem in your life? Making life even more complicated than it already is? Taking you away from the people and things you really love?

It’s not easy to take a really hard look yourself and the life choices you’re making. But just asking yourself if you have a problem is the first step to finding a solution.

Things to think about:
(simple self assessment here with link to full quiz)

How to make a positive change? Talk with your parents, friends you admire, a trusted school counselor. Stay away from people and situations where drugs and alcohol are present. Hang out with friends and join clubs and activities where having fun doesn’t include using drugs or alcohol.

Respect and malama yourself, your friends and your ohana.

For teens in Oahu and Kauai who are finding drugs or alcohol are becoming a problem and want help, contact Hina Mauka Teen CARE. If you are in another area, you can find a place to get help here.

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